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eCommerce Website Features
The Power, control and flexibility from 100s free templates, full-SEO friendly store to one page checkout you need all backed by our superior support team.
Do you need a customised apps built for you? Let us know and we will do it.
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Payment Gateways   E-Ticket Support System
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Ready-Made Store Design
    Webmama offers unique, ready-made premium quality eCommerce store templates that can be easily customised through admin and give your site a full brand-able professional look to stand out from your competitors.

Choose from 100s of unique eCommerce store templates and customise them with your own header images, logo, colour, side banners and favicon etc. in minutes.

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Shopping Cart Look & Feel
  • Easy to use store design mode to customise your entire template.
  • Manage your entire eCommerce store design without any programming & HTML knowledge.
  • Over 35 unique store design to choose from.
  • Each template comes with 10 different colours to choose from.
  • Each template has its unique colour match buttons
  • Easily edit any word or phrase of your template simply by clicking on the word you want to change from the template design mode.
  • Ability to preview your store design changes before making them live.
  • Ability to upload your own image slide on home page using built-in Java Script.
  • Ability to upload individual header images for all category & web related pages via Picnik image editor.
  • Ability to update/create your own side banners and link then to other pages.
  • Upload your own logo or use our online logo builder tool to create a custom logo.
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    Product Management
    Feature & New Products
    Add feature and new product on sale on your home page with buy now button – ideal for items that need immediate sale and have them change monthly, weekly or hourly as often as you like.
    Advanced Product Options
    Sell products that come in many different colours/sizes, such as shirt, trousers, dresses etc. Webmama enables you to store of all your product options items in one single place.

    Product Image Zooming and Gallery Creation
    How you display your product images on your store is very important when comes to selling online. It is your responsibility and No.1 priority to give your customer as much details as possible to differentiate yourself from others.

    At Webmama you have auto-zooming option as well as creating full product image gallery for every product that you add on your shopping cart – giving you the compete freedom to truly differentiate from the crowd.

    Multi-level Pricing Options
    Add multi-level pricing option such as, standard price, cost price, retail price, sell price etc – ideal for marketing purposes.
    Recommended Product
    This is a very effective product marketing tools where you can display other related product within the same product, such as you are selling Laser Printer so when a user add it to the basket then next page they will see other related products i.e. paper, toner, cable they may need when they buy this product. It is basically bringing other related products into user’s attention so they can see what else they may need - ideal for marketing other related products.

    Cross Selling
    Cross-selling is a very simple sales technique. If you’ve made a sale to a customer and you have other products they may be interested in, it’s simply selling them the additional products too at the same time, saying ”Customer who bought this product also bought these products” or “You may be interested in the following products”.

    Cross-selling generally refers to selling items that are related or can be integrated with the item being sold earlier. This is simply trying to get as much out of the customer as possible, cross selling can be a demonstration that you understand and do care about their needs, and therefore can suggest other items that will help them.

    Multiple Product Display
    Ability to add or display a single product in multiple category level without being adding individually – a great way to your customer more direct-related product when they view categories.

    Product Details - Long and Short
    Add short description with product thumbnail and then have long description on the product details page using WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) type HTML editor with ease.
    Product SEO
    Optimise each and every product for search engines with customisable titles tags, meta tags, description, keywords and then add search engine APIs for a maximum exposure on search engines.
    Product Exemption – shipping and tax
    Ability to add shipping and tax exempted products and have them displayed on your store – ideal for special exempted products.
    Product Manufacturers/ Brands
    Add manufacturer or brand name as this will give you the option to categorise product according to brand name throughout your store as this will enable your customer to view all branded products in one click rather then one at a time.
    Downloadable Products
    Need to sell e-products such as e-books, music, product keys – no problem! You can sell physical or digital downloadable products from the same site.
    Import and Export Product via Excel
    Import and export your store data (such as products, categories etc) via excel CSV file with ease to and from your admin interface..

    Full Inventory Management
    View your entire inventory at a glance, i.e. no. of stock sold and their availability. You can then quickly download on excel for further customising report.

    Use our automated inventory notification to notify you when a stock reaches below a certain level so you can re-order more stock without going through each and every product.

    Furthermore, each product has its own inventory summary i.e. date when you added stock, sold date with quantity, related invoice and available stock – this is ideal to differentiate between fast and slow moving products.


    Product Reviews – Write and Read
    Your customers can now share their opinions about your products by submitting reviews. The review box comes with CAPTCHA image verification to prevent people from spamming your reviews entry.

    Via product rating, you will know which product your customers like the most and their preferences. You can set whether to allow multiple votes per person to avoid false product rating.


    Tell a Friend
    This feature enables site visitors to recommend your products to their friends and family simply by inputting their email addresses. The email is automatically sent to the specified recipients with a link to the product details in your catalogue.

    Product Enquiry
    Built-in product enquiry forms with every single product page. This is ideal for customer wanting to send you an enquiry directly from the product page.
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    Product Category Management
    Webmama eCommerce software offers you to create and manage unlimited categories with variety of features, such as;
      • Create unlimited main categories
      • Add unlimited multi-level sub to sub categories
      • Upload images/banner top and bottom page via HTML editor
      • Upload main header customised images via Picnik image editor
      • Ability to upload category image thumbnail
      • 100% SEO facility for category pages with title, meta tags, description, keywords, SE APIs etc.
      • Ability to control the order the categories will be displayed on your store
      • Built-in Java Script category navigation system for navigating the entire site with ease.
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    Payment Gateways
    Webmama eCommerce software makes it easy to integrate your store's checkout process with one or many of the payment gateways and methods shown below. If you enable multiple payment options then your customers can choose how they'd like to pay.

    Integrated Payment Gateways are:

    1. 2Checkout
    3. Google Checkout (most commonly used)
    4. PayPal Standard and Pro (most commonly used)
    5. RBS WorldPay
    6. YourPay
    7. SagePay (formarly Protx) - (most commonly used)

    Note: we can integrate other payment gateways on request at an additional charge.

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    Shipping Gateways
    Webmama eCommerce software has built-in top-level 3rd party shipping carriers and are all pre-programmed, i.e. just enter your account details and ready with live shipping quote,
    Integrated Shipping Gateways are:
    • UPS
    • USPS
    • FedEx
    • Canada Post
    • Royal Mail
    • Parcel Force
    • Customise Your Own Shipping Rules
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    Tax Rate & Zone Settings
    Country and US Sate Tax Zone
    Applying tax on your shopping cart couldn’t be easier. Webmama eCommerce software has all the tools that you need to create multi-level of tax zones with different tax rates for country and US states.

    We have a list of preset tax zones/US States and countries available for you. You can still create new zone, add or remove a country/US State from the predefined zone, and add it to your preference zone.

    Specify a tax rate for different zone; tax rate could be applied to shipping country or US States depends on the option you selec.

    Automated Tax Rates and Calculation
    During the checkout process, Webmama eCommerce software auto-populates a tax charge based on your customers’ country of origin/US States. Different country may impose different tax rates. The shipping cost, handling fee, tax charge will all be included in the order confirmation email and order receipt.

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    One Page Checkout Processing
        Webmama offers unique, ready-made premium quality eCommerce store templates that can be easily customised through admin and give your site a full brand-able professional look to stand out from your competitors.

    Choose from 100s of unique eCommerce store templates and customise them with your own header images, logo, colour, side banners and favicon etc. in minutes.

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    Accept Off-line Orders
        Do you need to accept off-line order i.e. a telephone order or process a fax order? Webmama eCommerce software has built-in manual order processing feature. This will enable store admin to place a fully-featured order (just like store front) on behalf of your customer. Once the order is fully processed system will automatically update and send email to both store admin and customers.  
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    Marketing & Promotional Tools

    One thing is having a website and the other thing is turning it into a successful business. At Webmama we know that how important it is to have all the right marketing tools you need to be able to market your goods and services online.

    So, therefore we have designed our Webmama eCommerce software in a way that it has everything you need to be able to perform the right marketing technique on each stage, such as:

    Multi-Currency Support
    Do you want to display multi-currency option on your store? Webmama eCommerce software support complete multi-currency features,

    1. Live automatic ex-rate update
    2. Automatic currency detection
    3. Custom ex-rate if required
    4. Display currency symbol etc.

    Cross Selling & Recommended Product
    Cross selling means up selling. This allows you to show recommended, best selling and related products as well as the items also purchased by previous customers on the cart page. This feature is particularly useful for up selling products and is extremely powerful.

    Attract more customers to purchase from you by offering discount coupon. Unlike newspapers or magazines where your customers can only use your discount coupon once, you can control your online discount coupon by limiting the usage or set it to a certain period of validity.

    Best of all, you can publish your discount code in your offline media to track your advertising campaign effectiveness.

    Gift certificates, wrapping, & registries
    Let your customers buy gift certificates/vouchers for friends and family and redeem at your store. Increase your revenues by offering profitable gift wrapping options. Generate new orders by letting customers create gift registries (extra charge applies). Webmama eCommerce software includes this unique gift marketing features that allow you to flexibly handle gift wrapping, gift registries, and gift certificates with ease.

    1. Sell gift certificates/vouchers, automatically create unique gift certificate codes, and manage their redemption via your admin panel.

    1. Let customers create and manage a gift registry, selecting which products they would like, in which quantity, and then having family and friends buy them, while the system keeps them updated on what's already been purchased, which items are remaining, etc. (Note, this option is available on additional charges).

    1. Offer customers multiple gift wrapping options, at the item level, so they can choose which products to have gift wrapped during checkout, how, and what to write in a gift note.

    Shopping Comparison Engines
    Imagine the most popular shopping directory and product listing sites. Many merchants add items or upload their catalogue to these popular comparison shopping engines to widen their presence on the Web.

    Google Product Search (Google Base)
    Allows merchants to list products across several relevant Google services including products, maps, base and their One box results for product specific search queries. Free to list, catalogue expires every 31 days and they accept manual or bulk uploads via FTP.

    MSN Shopping (
    Allows users to list items within MSN Shopping and other relevant Microsoft search services. Free to list, also utilizes a crawler for continual updates to product listings and in order to find new sites or catalogue to list. Submit through affiliate. (CPC – cost per click)
    Owned by eBay, a comparison shopping engine that allows users to list their catalogue along with thousands of other trusted merchants to be distributed within the networks. Offers shoppers easy-to-use tools, time saving navigation and product reviews from ePinions so they can better find, compare and buy whatever they are shopping for. CPC based pricing.

    Yahoo Shopping (CPC)
    Allows users to list product catalogue, find, compare, read reviews and buy items for sale across related Yahoo areas. Merchants get to promote products, pay for performance and manage their campaign from an easy-to-use interface. CPC based pricing, depends on the categories you wish to have products listed within. Accepts manual or bulk uploads via FTP.

    PriceGrabber (CPC)
    Allows users to obtain free and unbiased information about products, services, merchants and sellers before actually buying. Matches up merchants with potential buyers via an easy to use comparison shopping interface. Offers both CPC based pricing, revenue share program and online storefronts for merchants (revenue share with storefronts only). Supports bulk catalog data feed upload via FTP.

    Shopzilla (CPC)
    Comparison shopping service that allows shoppers to easily find, compare and buy products for sale through online merchants. This allows merchants to list product catalogue within Shopzilla and to be displayed across numerous related shopping affiliates. CPC based pricing model. Ability to accept bulk data feed uploads via FTP.

    NexTag (CPC)
    Comparison shopping portal that allows users to search products, financial services, travel, autos, real estate listings and more. Gives merchants an efficient sales channel that generates targeted traffic based on a performance based pricing model. CPC based pricing. Accepts bulk uploads. (Free)
    Allows users to compare prices and find deals on popular brand name products from reputable merchant stores. This allows merchants to list and display items from an online cattalo that is searchable and sort-able via the shopping interface. Free to list, free to use.

    Email Marketing
    E-mail marketing known as direct marketing and direct marketing is a well known proven approach that it does work. Millions of businesses Worldwide are using this e-mail marketing to advertise or introduce product and services to their potential customers.

    Webmama eCommerce software is designed with in-built advanced e-mail marketing tools. Our e-mail marketing tool is one of best in the market yet easier to understand and ease of use.

    Your shopping cart store-front has the ability to accept customer singing up for newsletter or if you have white-list (i.e. opt-in email addresses) list which you can use with our e-mail marketing tool.

    Our e-mail marketing tool comes with all integrated advanced features such as, 100s of editable professional HTML templates, auto-responders, mail management such as (Delivered, Opened, Unopened, Clicked, and Unsubscribed) etc together with graphical interface dash board for quick viewing.

    For more information please visit our web marketing section.

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    Reporting & Statistics
    All-in-one Dash Board
    All-in-one dash board gives you everything that you need to know at the very first glance, Webmama eCommerce Software gives you total summarised sales of your e-commerce site including sales for the day and month, customers, product rate & reviews and more useful information in one summary page together with graphical presentation.

    Analyze your store results. Master what works and what doesn't. Tweak for improvements. You can quickly see your sales performance for the entire month every time you login to the system. For the sales of the day, just click into the order to view the particulars to process the order.

    Sales Report
    Sales Analysis gives you the calculation results of how your sale performing for the entire month / year. Besides showing your monthly sales in graph, Webmama eCommerce Software shows you the conversion ratio of your leads / unique visitors to the number of sales you have. This is very important for you to measure your website content and marketing effectiveness.

    Sales formula:
    Sales = Leads x Conversion x Order Size

    Tweak your website content, product offerings, etc. to increase your conversion ratio. Cross sell more products to increase your order size. You are able to browse through the weekly and monthly sales report too. Webmama eCommerce Software provides you with the functionalities to print the report out or export them to CSV file for further advance analysis.

    Top Statistics
    Check on Top Stats report to find out what are the important information that you need to focus on.

    Top Stats give you reports on:

    1. Top Seller
    2. Top Categories
    3. Sales by Country
    4. Viewed Product
    5. Top Viewed Categories
    6. Top View Pages 
    7. Top Referrers,
    8. Fast Moving Products
    9. Slow Moving Products etc

    Base on the data, you will know what products those are popular in demand, what works and what doesn't.

    Visitor Statistic
    You don't need to depend on 3rd party program to show you your traffic reports. We have them all in-built for you. Quickly see your daily traffic for the past 30 days, 6 months and 12 months. Also, check out where your visitors' are coming from. You will also be able to able to export all reports to CSV for further analysis.

    Additional Reporting Modules:

      • Various performance reports
      • Daily conversion rate
      • Top customers & products
      • Best selling products
      • Order locations
      • Orders by item sold
      • Orders by revenue
      • Popular products
      • Inventory report
      • Customers by date
      • Revenue per customer
      • Search keywords with results
      • Search keywords without results
      • Best performing keywords
      • Worst performing keywords
      • Product rating and reviews
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    Advanced File Manager

    With our advanced file manager application, you can upload all your product images into one place and store them under many different folders/categories for better management.

    Use our advanced excel (.csv) file upload function to upload your products, categories, manufacturers/brands and product attributes (i.e. options) on click of a button.

    Then simply point the correct image from the stored location when completing the product listing.

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    Advanced Search Engine Optimization
    Search Engine Friendly URL/store links,
    It is so important for your store to be friendly to search engine/crawlers, which means your entire e-commerce site needs to be indexed by search engines. Search engine is unable to crawl to every single product pages unless you publish your product pages as HTML pages.

    is not a search engine friendly URL/store links, but

    is a search engine friendly because it is an organic HTM-based URL and has a meaning to the product title. Our system will automatically generate and publish your search engine friendly product/category pages with just a click!

    Product Title as Image Alternative (alt) Text
    Works with search engine friendly URL, the Webmama shopping cart uses your product titles as the alternative text for the product images on your HTML pages. A human-readable caption and descriptive text around product image enhances opportunity to gain better rankings.

    Meta Info for Product & Category
    Meta Info is very important elements for search engine optimisation. While your online store is generated as HTML-based store pages, you can insert Meta Title, Keywords and Description to every product & category detail pages. This info will appear as the title, Meta keywords and Meta description of the major web browsers.

    Webmama eCommerce software is fully loaded and features with every advance search engine related optimisation tools that you need to gain higher ranking in major search engines such as, Google, Yahoo, Bing (formally MSN) and others.

    Not only that, our in-house automated system will submit your entire shopping cart to all major search engines on a monthly basis – Absolutely Free of charge available on only pro package.

    One-click Auto SEO File Generation
    Webmama eCommerce software gives you the complete freedom and all the essential tools to rank your site at the top use our automated system to generate and save all the SEO related files straight into your web-server, they are;
    1. sitemap.xml
    2. sitemap.html
    3. urllist.txt
    4. ror.xml
    5. rss.xml
    6. robots.txt

    Also you will have the ability to add search engine APIs for every pages that you create (i.e. product, category, and standard web pages) for search engine verification.

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    Customer Relationship Module (CRM)
    Full-featured customer relationship management tools (CRM) module included within the Webmama eCommerce software with real-time visibility across your entire eCommerce platform.

    Customer Account
    To proceed to check out, your customers are required to register for an account if they do not have any. Meanwhile, admin is able to categorise your customers into self-defined groups, to fasten the customer search.

    Express checkout is available for registered users, where they could skip the registration process, login to their account and straight away proceed to make payment.

    Forced checkout is also available for those customers not wishing to register and straight away proceed to make payment.

    Track and View Order History
    Customer can login to their account online to view their transaction history, order status, as well as update account information and track orders etc.

    Customers can also view gift registry items and download digital products from their own account.


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    Advanced Content Management System

    Bring the entire website publishing features here.

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    E-Ticket Support System
      E-ticket is a web-based electronic support ticket system that can receive tickets via email (pop3/pipe) or a web form. It is easy to use and pre-installed within Webmama eCommerce software and it stores (support ticket raised by your own store customers and your reply).  
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    Store Administration Panel
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    3rd Party Software Integrations
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    Add-on Modules
    News and Events Tickers
    Recently Viewed Products
    Best Selling Products
    Special Offer Products
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    Store Hosting & Support
    • FREE high-speed website hosting for life
    • Unlimited premium bandwidth
    • Up to 2GB of web space (enough space for up to 10000 products and images)
    • FREE top label domain (.com, .uk, .net, .info, .biz and many other) – see domain page for more details
    • Up to 20 e-mail accounts with your own domain
    • FREE state-of-the art webmail access
    • 24/7 support via ticket system
    • Telephone support during business hours
    • Help manual and video help is available in all section
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    Security & Reliability
    • 99.99% guaranteed up-time
    • High-level SSL secured 24/7 admin area access log
    • Enterprise bandwidth for faster loading pages
    • Multiple enterprise series web application and database servers
    • Database driven plus private load balancer network
    • State-of-the-art firewall protection in our own private network
    • Automatic daily backups
    • Dedicated database for individual stores
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